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by Mortenrb • 12/11/2017 01:34 pm

What lvl are you on? :o

How´s the exams?
Anyway, that´s a nice computer... but does it perform well too?


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by Ndogg • 12/28/2017 09:32 pm

I'm back :) I have nearly 1000 levels so far. But for botting, I have leveled up several skills considerably without any issues so far. It really seems like they don't have a complex security system at all. They rely heavily on players reporting you.

I got through the exams! :p Lots of endless work, but I made it and now I get a super short 2 week break :/

The computer is pretty good, however, it is not as amazing as I expected. Some of my programs lag a bit and I can even notice the internet going slower, which doesn't happen on any of my other devices.

How were the Holidays for you? :)
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by Mortenrb • 01/10/2018 06:13 am

Strange... are you using the client that only mimics a client that is already running on screen?

When's the next exams? :p

Wow... did you remove all the crapware?

Holidays were great really, been with my family, opening tonnes of presents and eating lots of good food... you know... the usual christmas/new year times :p

Ohhh... and I just got the numbers for 2017 for the Thread on Hattrick, we had 117104 replies in the thread(s) last year! :o
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by Ndogg • 01/10/2018 11:54 pm

Am I using a client that mimics a client running on screen? I'm not sure what you mean?

February is my next exam :/ I finish one and prepare for the next one almost right away :p I just want to work and make money!

Uh, no, I haven't removed anything? It just seems like all the typical windows programs. Not any useless stuff.

Haha, same. Eat, sleep, open presents...

117104! That's 320 posts per day :D Pretty good. It beats the one post a week here.


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by Mortenrb • 01/11/2018 07:39 am

This is what I mean by mimicing the client: :)

Then do it! :D It's all about being a smartass at the interview ;D

Well... you know.. the "HP Shitdriver", "HP Gamecenter", "HP Something else", "Intel useless software", "EBay", "Mcafee" etc.

The daily post there, beats many forms x)
It's a very "social" game, total on the forums are between 10-20k posts per day! :o

05.02.2017 (06.02.2017 our timezone) we had more than 5k posts within 24 hours!


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by Ndogg • 01/19/2018 11:26 pm

Ah, no. That is way more advanced than what I am doing :p I am not playing old runescape either. So it might not work for me.

Lol, hate'n HP :D Its not total garbage. I can rotate my screen 180 degrees and use it as a tablet :)

Man, I wish I had that many posts daily here! I would be making bank! :D

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